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DOLPHIN® Colony Counter is ideal for rapid, accurate counting and recording and of bacteria and mould colonies in biology, zoology, bacteriology, pathology laboratories, etc. or any place where colony counting is a regular routine.

DOLPHIN®  Colony Counter is illuminated with fluorescent lamp for uniform cool-light illumination and is provided with a magnifying glass for ease of viewing. Special pen type probe allows marking with an audio beep and counting simultaneously. Counting is registered on 4 digit resettable digital counter.



Display : 4 Digit Red LED 7 Segment display of 12 mm Ht.

Probe : Auto Marker Pen probe for marking and counting simultaneously with Audio beep.

Grid : Wolffhuegel Grid plate simplifies tedious counting procedure.

Illumination : Uniform Glare free illumination by fluorescent tube light against dark background.

Magnifier : 100 mm DIa. Magnifying lens.

Power Supply : 230 V, 50 Hz AC.

Dimension : 250 mm L x 310 mm W x 130 mm H.

Weight : 4.2 kg. approx.

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