CODE : 1103

Specification  :

We offer digital student kymograph. we are the supreme manufacturer and supplier of digital student kymographs, which are featured with the proficiencyof qualified technicians. we have designed the digital student kymographs that

will allow you smooth functioning and accurate results with stepper motor and 15x15 aluminium cylinder. This kymograph gives you 8 different speeds so that you select  speed according to your need that gives perfect result


Features  :

  1. Plug the main switch
  2. Display on the screen e-8 kymograph
  3. Than select the speed which every u need ,all the speed mention on the machine press the button
  4. Now press the start button, machine starts moving
  5. If you change the speed ,then press the stop button select your speed the press the start button
  6. Machine starts moving.


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