(For Study of Spontaneous or Induced Activity in Small animals)

The effect on spontaneous or induced movement of the small animals like mice or  rats are examined to evaluate the effects of a drug on the Central Nervous System.

DOLPHIN®  DIGITAL ACTIVITY CAGE  is designed with the Modern-State-Of-Art-Technology with latest MICRO-CONTROLLER based LSI Circuitry.

The DOLPHIN® ACTIVITY CAGE  consists of an Activity Cage or Well of size 30x30x25 cms approx in dimensions and aoorix. 2/3rd part of which is above the enclosure. The top has aremovable lid through which the animal can be placed inside the cage or well.

The lower 1/3rd part is inside the enclosure which contains six pairs of light sources and sensors mounted on the outer periphery of the cage in such a way that a single animal cannot block all the light beams. The floor of the cage or well is of wire mesh or perforated sheet with a slide tray beneath it for removal of faeces. etc.


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