CODE : 1221


5 Kg/Hour Capacity ( 15 ltrs product container ), electrically heated/steam. Heated radiator coil Fluid Bed Dryer, fabricated from S.S. flats and angles of suitable strength and thickness. All parts S.S. parts buffed internally and externally. Machine will be supported on suitable side support frames fabricated from square sectional pipes and sheets.



The lower jack chamber shall be fabricated from M.S. sheets. The bottom of the chamber will have a slope to drain washing water. This chamber shall be extended up to heater chamber which in turn will be connected to the rear chamber. He rear chamber and the jack chamber shall have an interiorly welded construction except one flange joint fitted externally. The chamber will be fitted with pre filter of 5 microns.

The rear chamber shall have proper electric heating coil, Made in S.S. U shape Air heating coils, Assembled in three banks of heating load of 6 KW. These coils can be operated  independently. These coils should be able to heat the full shall quantity of air to 80 to 100 deg. Centigrade. The lower chamber will be provided with S. S. 304 platform for lifting product container, lifting of the platform shall be through Hand operated inverted U type Gasket System. The chamber will be provided with a tight closed shut off damper.



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