CODE : 1208


  • Weight the animals and number them.
  • Make a mark on both the hind paws (right and left) just beyond tibia-tarsal junction so that every time the paw is dipped in the mercury column up to the fixed mark to ensure constant paw volume.
  • Note the initial paw volume (both right and left) of each rat by mercury displacement method.
  • Divide the animals into two groups each comprising of at least four rats. To one group inject saline and to the second group inject indomethacin subcutaneously.
  • After 30 min. inject 0.1 ml. of 1% (w/v) carrageenan in the plantar region of the left paw of control as well as indomethacin treated group. The right paw will serve as reference noninflamed paw for comparison.


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