CODE : 1008

DOLPHIN® Coating pan is worked by oil immersed gearbox with F.H. motor drive. Hot Air blower is operated independently and air is thermostatically controlled, to give temperature 30° to 110° C. Complete with main lead with 15 Amp. Plug provided.

Hopper is of S.S.

Operation :  Fix the hopper to the machine. Tight the nut. Put tablet into the hopper, then mix solution as per you requirement and start the switch. Hopper will be started rotating. Start the heater by fixing  the temperature. After 8 – 10 minutes, stop the switch. Remove the hopper from the machine and fix the polishing pan to the machine. Transfer the tablets from coating pan to the coating pan and switch on the instrument. Polishing pan will starting rotate and will polish the tablets by the help of canvas cloth.


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