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  • Cook’s  Pole  Climbing  Apparatus  is  completely  DIGITAL  design,  incorporating latest  Micro-Controller based solid  state  circuitry  for  Lumes  &  Shock.
  • The Chamber for the animals is replique montre suisse fabricated from clear perspex sheet.  The bottom  of  the  Chamber  is  fitted  with  Chrome  Plated  Brass  Bars  to  Make  a  grill.
  • The apparatus  is  also  equipped  with  Light  &  Sound  stimului  for  stimulating  the  animal.
  • A  shock  can  be  applied  to  the  animal  through  Brass  Bars.  The Shock  strength is  400 V,  5 Hz,  0.2 mA.   This is built in the apparatus.  One  can  apply  the  shock  to  the  animal  either  manually  or  upto  the  controlled  set duration.  Both the replique hublot options are   available on the front panel of the apparatus. 
  • This COOK”S POLE CLIMBING APPARATUS is completely different from the traditional one’s available in the market.
  • The all new DIGITAL COOK’s POLE CLIMBING APPARATUS is equipped with two nos. of Microcontroller based TIMERS i.e DELAY TIME & SHOCK TIME in seconds.
  • Both the TIMER are independent and can be set with the help of two keys marked INC. & DCR. (Also these keys are marked with UP & DN arrows. STOP key is provided to STOP the operation in between.relojes imitacion

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