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Digital Flame Photometer is a simple and easy to operate instrument for determination of different elements. It operates on the principal of flame emission spectroscopy.

 Air at the given pressure is passed into the atomizer. The suction produced by it draw the solution of the sample into the nebulizer, from where the solution emerge as a fine mist passes into a mixing chamber. In the mixing chamber, air and fine mist of sample mix evenly with fuel gas stram at a given pressure.  This mixture is burnt in the burner. The radiation from the resulting flame passes through an optical filter which permits only the radiation characteristics of the element under test in the sample through a photo diode. After signal conditioning of the  photo diode output, it is sent to analog to digital converter and the result are display directly in ppm or meq/l. value.

The instrument is supplied in two units viz. Unit 1 and 2. The unit 1, i.e. the main unit comprises of the display, detector, filter and the nebulizer. Unit 2 is the compressor unit from where air is supplied to the unit 1.

The instrument is supplied to measure sodium (Na) and potassium (K.W.) with the filters mounted on the disk. Calcium and lithium are optional.


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