CODE : 1220 - II


  • Electronic Metronome is a very useful gadget to keep timing of various rhythm patterns (Called ‘tal’ in Hindustani music) on precision instruments with the help of beats.
  • It can very well serve the purpose of a percussion instrument at the setting stage of any musical piece or composition. It is also a valuable aid in the formative years of a tabla soloist for substituting the ‘nagma’ or ‘ lahra’.
  • In music classes it is often not possible to provide proper percussion accompaniment at the initial instruction, and it is convenient to use this gadget to inculcate the sense of rhythm in the beginners.
  • With the advancement of technology and medical sciences, Electronic Metronome find extensive applications in the physiology and in speech therapy.
  • Electronic Metronome is a wonderful time machine based on the latest State-of-Art-Technology with MICRO CONTROLLER based circuitry to generate different timing pulses with the arrangement for accentuation of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and upto 9th beat should be possible. We can programme the Beats/Minute and the Accent with the help of KEYS provided on the panel.
  • Also it is equipped with volume control of the output with visual indication and variable frequency of beats from 40 Beats/Minute to 208 Beats/Minute and it is operated on 220V,50Hz. Single Phase Power Supply and its power consumption is very low.



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