CODE : 1018

  • Fill loading tray with empty capsules.
  • Take out the hopper from machine , load the loaded tray on the machine.
  • Use capsule lock lever.
  • Pull our Release knob.
  • Use main lever, so down portion of capsule will remain in machine & upper portion of the capsule will remain in loading tray, which take out from the machine.
  • Release the lock lever so capsule will be placed in the machine.
  • Keep hopper on the machine & pour your powder in the capsules, after pouring the powder, if powder remains, push it on hopper tray.
  • Now use Pin-plate & press it.
  • Remove the pin-plate & pour balance powder in the capsules.
  • Take out the hopper & place loading tray on the machine.
  • Use rubber plate.
  • Push in Release knob.
  • Remove Rubber plate.
  • Pull out Release knob.
  • Press Main Lever so both Male & Female Capsules will be locked with powder.

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